We Buy Panda Coins

We Buy Chinese Panda Coins.

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There are not many panda coins we have not personally owned.

We have also bought a huge number of China Mint coins produced since 1979.

Why? Because we often pay the best money and deal with our clients in a fair and transparent way.

Noone has the pulse on the market like we do.

We’ll let you know if your Chinese coins fall into the bullion or collector category. Did you know, we paid $150,000 for a 5 oz gold panda coin? You can see which coin if you read on below. If you have something rare or special, we’ll let you know! Panda coins come in different sizes and metals and since 1982, there have been around 800 types of coin and medal. It can be hard to navigate your way but with us we’ll work with you for a fair deal for your coins. All of our offers are simple and easy as is our handling process for your coins. Insured and trackable, we pay shipping or come meet with us in person! Millions of dollars in panda coins alone purchased, we’ll highlight some of our purchases below and even tell you what we paid!

Our minimum purchase is $500

Earlier we mentioned a 5 oz gold panda coin that we paid $150,000 for. Here it is. This is the 1994 5 oz gold panda 500 yuan proof coin. Seldom seen, this coin may have an actual mintage of around 40 or so pieces. So rare is this piece that years go by without it ever being spotted. In fact, we were willing to pay almost through the roof to acquire it and fought off competition from elsewhere to do so. Our president flew across the country to buy it in person from the seller a couple of years ago. We are willing to travel for most coins or collections over $50,000 and cover all of our expenses to do so.

Did you make an investment in Chinese Coins many years ago?

If you did, it is mostly likely a congratulations is in order. The visionaries who saw the value of buying Chinese coins in the 1990’s and early 2000’s are likely sitting on profits having made very smart decisions. Some of the coins from the 1980’s have appreciated considerably too.

What the future will hold is anyone’s guess, maybe now is the time to explore the liquidation of your coins.

If you are ready to cut out the middle man, reach out to us and we’ll give you a free quote for your Chinese coin or collection.

Toll Free: 1-800-472-6467 Int’l: +1 510-800-8000