Upcoming Auction: 50th Anniversary of the Retrocession of Taiwan 1 Kilo Silver Proof Coin

Retrocession Day is celebrated annually on the 25th October in Taiwan, and marks the day in 1945 when Taiwan was officially handed back to the Republic of China after half a century of Japanese rule. The island was ceded to Japan following China’s defeat during the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895) in the Treaty of Shimonoseki. At the end of the World War II (1939-1945), Taiwan was handed back to the Chinese under the conditions of the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation. While it is not an official holiday in Taiwan, Retrocession Day is nonetheless commemorated by many Taiwanese who wish to celebrate the liberation of their homeland from Japan.

1995 1 kilo silver Retrocession Taiwan Reverse 1995 Retrocession Taiwan Obverse

The 50th Anniversary of the Retrocession of Taiwan 1 kilo silver proof coin commemorates this event half a century on. The reverse face features an attractive and symbolic design of a map of China at the focal point of many radiating lines, like the rays of the sun. To the right of the map of China is an enlarged map of Taiwan island, and an inscription of the date of retrocession, 10.25 (25th October). Around the top edge of the coin is the inscription “50th Anniversary of the Retrocession of Taiwan” and the dates “1945-1995”. The metallic properties of the coin and denomination, 200 yuan, are struck beneath the map of China.

This coin is quite a rarity, with a mintage of just 100 pieces, and is coming up for auction on the 26th November 2014 in the Rainbow Room of the Beijing International Hotel. The auctioneer, China Guardian, has estimated that this imposing coin may fetch between 380,000 and 450,000 yuan ($62,000 – $73,400). Although ungraded this coin is sure to attract a lot of attention, especially among Chinese bidders, since the coin bears the much-coveted issue number 88 (8 being closely associated with prosperity and wealth in Chinese culture).

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