Two Dark Horses of the Market

This year trends in the international gold price have heavily influenced the attitudes of precious metal coin investors. Coin markets in Mainland China have cooled off somewhat compared with last year. Although the vast majority of coins have seen price falls, this hasn’t seen a corresponding resurgence in demand as investors remain hesitant. Market insiders believe that right now there are many good opportunities to be had as prices for precious metal coins hit a low point, but they advise a cautious approach.

Even the ever popular Panda series seems to have suffered. This is well illustrated by last year’s Panda gold coin set, which last year saw valuations of around 23000 yuan, but now the price has fallen to around 16000-17000 yuan. Experts are of the opinion that the fortunes of the Panda series are directly linked to trends in the international gold price.

However, there are two coin types which seem to have done particularly well in this dreary and flat environment. Two series which seem to have bucked the trend of the market are the 2014 Year of the Horse gold and silver commemorative coins, and the 2009 Year of the Ox coloured silver coins. These two series have performed in complete contrast to the rest of the market and have gained in value, consistently holding the attention of investors and collectors.

When issued, a set of 2014 Year of the Horse coloured gold and silver coins had a value of 3200 yuan. After a period of just over six months, a similar set is now holding steady with a value of around 5650 yuan. Similarly, at the start of this year, a set of 2009 Year of the Ox coloured silver coins had a price of 5000 yuan, but now has risen to around 6500 yuan. It is thought that the reason for this performance is the relatively low mintage figures of this coin type, of which 100000 were issued. In contrast, production was suddenly expanded for the 2011 coloured silver zodiac coin (the Year of the Rabbit) to 220000 pieces.

However, experts say that even though the zodiac commemorative coins have a comparatively high appeal at the moment in the market, after the traditional summer off-season has passed, attention may return to those coins which have fallen in value. We should watch and wait with interest.