The Top 10 Auctions of January 2015

The top ten list of proof coins attracting the highest prices at auction in January has been published by, an online auction hub. Heritage Auctions and Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio were the two auctioneers who dominated the top ten, with four places each. Of these, the top spot was held by Heritage Auctions, who sold a Manchurian Provinces Year 33 (1907) Guangxu silver dollar on 5th January 2015 for 114,563 USD (710,290 RMB). This was a staggering amount, given that the guide price was a mere 25,000 to 30,000 USD.

The coin, graded at PCGS MS62, was struck at the Fengtien Mint, with catalogue number L&M-487 or Y-212. Around the edge of the obverse face, the coin bears the inscriptions in Chinese: “7 Mace 2 Candereens”, and “Made in the Three Eastern Provinces [Manchuria]”. In the centre are the four characters for “Guangxu Currency”. The reverse depicts the characteristic dragon, which is surrounded by the inscription in English: “33rd Year of Kuang Hsu Manchurian Provinces”. Of the coins produced at the Fengtien Mint during this period, the 1907 (or 33rd Year) coins are considered to be some of the rarest, especially in such good condition.

The sale of this coin represents a new record at auction for this variety, which was previously held by another 7 Mace and 2 Candereens Manchurian Provinces coin. This previous record holder was graded PCGS AU53, and in January 2014 (at another Heritage Auction) took a final bid of 31,725 USD (approximately 196,000 RMB).