The Potential Value of a 1983 – 2015 10 Yuan Silver Panda Set

Several of our previous updates have highlighted current market prices for 10 yuan silver Panda coins, with particular emphasis on later date specifications. But what about an entire set? A basic complete set would contain 31 standard silver coins: one 10 yuan piece from each available year since 1983 up to the latest 2015 release. As there was no 10 yuan silver Panda struck in 1982, 1983 would be the first date in the set. No 10 yuan silver Pandas were issued for 1986 or 1988. 1989 also saw the specification change from 27 g to 1 oz.

There are quite a number of variations throughout the series for this coin type. In 1989 and through most of the 1990s, a P mint mark variation appears in the series. During the 1990s, there are also several years in which small and large date varieties were struck, as well as serif and plain types. Appearing in issues of the early 2000s, the distinction between mirrored and frosted varieties of the 10 yuan silver Pandas also adds an option for collectors looking to add another dimension to their sets. More recently an unexpected variation of the 2011 Panda has been identified in which the detail of the eyes of the pandas differ. In these early stages of identification they are being referred to as ‘large eye’ and ‘small eye’ varieties.

So there are clearly many branches and avenues of exploration when it comes to acquiring a full set of 10 yuan silver Pandas. As for the value of a full set, one such set was sold in a Beijing market on the 3rd December for 49,000 yuan (approximately $8,000 USD). Unfortunately no other information is available pertaining to, for example, the variations within the set that was sold, or the coins’ condition. It is, however, a strong demonstration of the potential numismatic and collector value that Modern Chinese Coins can achieve over time.

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