What single event has the ability to bring the world together in a celebration of sport, and unite competitors and spectators alike from across cultures and international borders more than the Olympic Games? China is particularly proud of its Olympic achievements, both winter and summer, as well as its impressive demonstration of wealth and sophistication in 2008 when Beijing played host to the Summer Games. The variety of events and competitions during the Games, and the fact that they are held regularly every four years, makes the Olympic Games commemorative series a particularly accessible choice for collectors of all levels of experience, tastes, and budgets. This is particularly true of the three series of coins commemorating the 2008 Games, which were – and continue to be – a source of great national pride for the Chinese. The older Olympic coins are of particular historic and numismatic value, while the more modern releases, such as those commemorating the 2008 Beijing Games, would make a wise investment option for the future.