Recent Market Trends (9th August 2014)

At the opening of the Asian stock markets on the 8th August, despite downward pressure in general on the global markets due to the geopolitical crises in the Middle East and Ukraine, the gold price had been fluttering around 1311 USD/oz. The negative influence exerted by this global turmoil seems to have had a limited effect on the gold price, with the gold market returning to levels more representative of the average we have seen for the last year or so.

As for new coins, the Bronze Age Implements Series Three was officially released on the 8th August. There has been some limited interest and demand for the series online. Attention is focused around the 1 kg silver coins, with prices being negotiated around 12500 yuan, while in the coin markets themselves dealers have been selling in the region of 11700 to 12200 yuan. Demand for the other coins in the series is somewhat average. The gold and silver sets of the smaller specification coins will currently set you back about 3930 yuan.

The promotion of the 3rd Series has had a positive influence, resulting in an increase in interest surrounding the 1st and 2nd Series. The 1 kg silver coin of Series One has seen prices agreed between 13500 and 13600 yuan, and the 5 oz silver coin of Series Two has seen prices in excess of 5200 yuan, with coins bearing preferential numbers fetching as much as 5700 yuan.