Rare 1997 1/10 oz Platinum Panda for Sale Online

An elusive 1997 1/10 oz platinum Panda has surfaced in the zhaoonline.com auction house.

Currently up for sale in an online auction house is an extremely hard to come by and highly sought after 1997 1/10 oz platinum Panda coin. This proof quality coin, with a face value of 10 yuan, had an original mintage of 2,500 pieces. The reverse face features a panda image, the face value, and the specifications of the coin, while the obverse face bears the date, the People’s Bank of China inscription, and a rendering of the Temple of Heaven.

Currently it is up for sale at a non-negotiable fixed price of 89,000 yuan. This coin has a bit of a sales history: the exact same piece was sold on 11th July 2013 for 88,000 yuan. However, it’s not the only one to surface in online auction houses in recent years. A different 1997 1/10 oz platinum Panda was also sold for 100,000 yuan on 25th March 2013.

What makes the sale of this coin so exciting is its rarity. It is thought that the 1997 1/10 oz platinum Panda is the rarest of all the platinum Pandas. Generally speaking, this scarcity is due to the perceived poor demand for the 1993-1997 platinum Panda coins. This resulted in many of them being melted down around the time of issue, and has meant that the surviving coins are much lower in number than might be suggested by the original mintage figure (which, like many of the early platinum Pandas, is characteristically low).

This coin forms part of an elusive set of 14, popular among the most dedicated of collectors and enthusiasts, which comprises one of all of the 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz platinum Pandas ever produced. It’s an incredibly challenging set to complete, and this opportunity to purchase what is potentially the rarest coin of an already rare set is sure to excite a lot of interest.

See http://www.zhaoonline.com/xiongmaoxilie-bojin/2253592.shtml for more information.