Prospects for 2015

The state of the market for gold and silver coins in 2015 is likely to continue the trend of 2014 with a somewhat depressed market in general, and a lack of opportunity for strength across the board.  But there will, as ever, be strong performers; some predictable, some less so.  One part of the market, namely coins floated on the electronic stock market, has shown comparatively lively and exciting activity through 2014. From a universal viewpoint, MCC collectors might be able to distil their approach for 2015 down to a single word; two ways of operating; and three focal points in the market to keep an eye on.

1 Word: E-Market

The keyword is the e-market. More specifically this means the number and variety of coins that are floated on each internet stock market. What seems to be undeniable is the smooth and steady identifiable market trends of 2014. Some varieties of gold and silver coins, but in particular silver coinage, have shown their strength in the market time and time again, and this could be largely attributed to the pressure of the internet stock market. For 2015, as the number of coin types that feature in these online trading platforms continuously increases, this kind of stimulatory effect will no doubt become ever more conspicuous. But as the market and its players become more accustomed to this effect, we are unlikely to see the huge undulations in the market that were seen in 2014.

2 Ways of Operating

Firstly, even if as a collector or investor you only trade in actual coins (rather than the virtual stocks online), it would pay to always keep a wary eye on the online stock market. After all, as we have seen in 2014, the internet stock market occupies a prominent role in the MCC market, and its ability to influence the market for actual coins is significant.

Secondly, as an investor take advantage of the low points in the market. If you are serious about profit maximising, you need to be in a position to take advantage of these dips in market price and get ahead of everyone else. The best way to do this is to get an online account to allow you to rapidly react to changes in the market, and exploit the time it takes for the market as a whole to react to a new situation.

3 Focal Points

Aside from the Lunar coins, among the new coins types of 2015, the Xu Beihong gold and silver coins; the Auspicious Matters gold and silver coins; and the New Year’s Greetings silver coins are all worthy of attention. The rationale behind this is that they are likely to form prominent new series, and therefore be issued on an annual basis. This makes them a solid choice as a future long-term investment, as owning the first issues could become increasingly profitable as more collectors are attracted to these series and seek to back-fill their collections with coins from the past.

The second focal point for 2015 is the market for large-scale commemorative gold and silver coins issued in the past few years which have relatively low mintage figures. Their price potential is relatively high, and the initial prices paid for them are not too far removed from their melt value, meaning that the owner will be able to fully take advantage of any numismatic value that they are bound to gain in the future.

The final area of focus for 2015 should be the 2015 Panda series. In this year the reverse face for the first time does not feature an inscription detailing the metallic properties of the coin, including the weight, purity, and type of metal. This distinguishes 2015 from among the other years as far as Panda collectors are concerned. In addition to this, two rumours running through the market also make the 2015 Panda series special. Firstly, it has been rumoured that the China Mint is going metric, and that subsequent coins of the Panda series will be in grams rather than as fractions of a troy ounce. So the standard Panda may well be a 30 gram Panda, rather than 1 oz. The second rumour is that next year, possibly to coincide with this change of weight, the Mint will return to previous form and continue to strike the inscription of the metallic properties of Panda coins on their reverse faces. All these factors make 2015 a pivotal and interesting year for the Panda series, with the 2015 issues possibly being the last of a kind.