23rd January Market Update featuring Deng Xiaoping

The last week has seen the gold price continue its rising trend since the start of January, at times over briefly exceeding the heights of 1300 USD/oz. The international price for gold at the time of writing stands at 1294.81 USD/oz, having risen from the 1275 USD/oz mark seen on Monday. Investors will be hoping that this promising start to the year (for gold, at least) will signify the start of a slow, steady, and sustainable rise. With the gold price currently hovering just under 1300 USD/oz, the 200-day moving average of 1255.5 USD/oz seems to be a thing of the past.

2004-kilo-deng-xiaoping-silver-rev 2004-kilo-deng-xiaoping-silver-obv

1 Kilo Silver Proof Coin

Aside from the latest releases and Panda coin sales which habitually dominate many of the trades seen in the coin markets of Mainland China, a 2004 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Deng Xiaoping 1 Kilo silver proof coin was sold on the 22nd January for 22,000 yuan ($3533). This coin, celebrating the centenary of Deng Xiaoping’s birth in 1904, comes from a limited mintage of 5,000 pieces, and features an image of the former leader of the PRC.  Unfortunately, no other details of the sale are available. Deng was seen as instrumental in the development of the modern Chinese economy, opening up China to western investment after Mao’s death, while still maintaining the country’s communist ideology.

2004-1oz-silver-deng-xiaoping-coin-rev 2004-1oz-silver-deng-xiaoping-coin-obv

1 oz Silver Proof Coin

The complete 2004 set includes four coins, two silver and two gold. Of these, the coin store is happy to present the 2004 Deng Xiaoping 1 oz silver proof coin, which can be yours for $178 with free shipping.  This affordable and historically significant coin would make a particularly good starting point for collectors of modern Chinese coins featuring political leaders.