Market Update (14th January 2015)

The international gold price this week got off to a strong start once again, having gone from strength to strength since the New Year. January 12th saw the commodities gold price break through the 1230 USD/oz mark, and maintain it until late on the 13th. The gold price is now holding just below the 1230 USD/oz line, currently at 1227.95 USD/oz. Analysts believe that the gold price is still being propped up by demand as investors move away from the uncertainty of the stock market and other commodities.

As for the coins markets, supply is tight for the 2015 New Year’s Greeting silver coin, and as a result trading is somewhat sporadic. Current prices stand at around 450 yuan. Apparently although trader supplies have been allotted, stocks have failed to turn up on time to the markets.

The rising gold price has given a boost to the 2015 Panda series, with the early strike gold sets in short supply and reaching prices of around 16200 yuan, while the standard sets stand at 15450-15500 yuan. The 2015 1 oz gold Panda has a market value of 8000 yuan, but the 1 oz silver Panda is struggling to maintain the 150 yuan mark.