Market Update (10th September 2014)

On Wednesday 10th September the gold price in the Asian markets trickled down still further to around 1256 USD/oz. Economic data from the US markets seems to have suppressed investor speculation. Investors will be focussing on the convening of the US Federal Reserve between the 16th and 17th September when significant monetary policy decisions will be made. The outcome of this meeting should shed more light on anticipated early interest rate rises.

In the coins markets of Beijing and Shanghai, coloured silver and silver Zodiac coins appear to be performing well, with market prices continuing to rise. The 5 oz coloured silver Rabbit in particular has risen substantially in value up to about 12000 yuan, but the volume of sales has fallen somewhat due to limited supply.

Market attention has shifted towards investors and collectors of the 2014 1 oz bullion silver Panda coins. Several thousand deals have been recorded in the region of 166-167 yuan per piece. The 5 oz silver Panda has also seen lots of activity, with deals being reached between 1180-1250 yuan, while the 1 kg silver Panda has seen some improvement, reaching a value of around 6550 yuan.

For those not in a position to get their feet on the ground and browse the coin markets of Mainland China, 2014 1 oz bullion silver Panda coins are currently available for purchase in the coin store with discounts for bulk buying and free shipping.  However stocks are limited, and with the flurry of activity in this area of the market supplies won’t last forever, so don’t miss out.