Macau Auction of #1 Commemorative Panda 2 oz Gold and Silver Medals

This year’s Macau Numismatic Society Show has come to a climax with the sale of two 2014 Macau Numismatic Society Commemorative Show Panda 2 oz gold and silver medals on the 30th November. Presided over by Champion Auctioneers, the two medals, both bearing the coveted serial number #1, attracted a hefty premium. Competitive bidding for the gold piece from a range of bidders hailing from China, Singapore, and Macau itself pushed the final bid through the ceiling. The winning bid for the 2 oz gold medal reportedly stood at $43,700 USD, while the 2 oz silver medal fetched a more modest, but nonetheless impressive $24,150 USD.  Both prices listed include the buyer’s premium.

Struck at the Shanghai Mint, and featuring a design by the award-winning and most prolific Panda coin designer, Mr Yu Min, the two proof quality 2 oz medals are both 40mm in diameter, with a purity of 0.999. The gold piece boasts a mintage of merely 10, while the silver one has a mintage of 1,000.

The reverse face features a mother panda with her cub clinging to her side, sitting on a coin. The pair are set against a background of an intricate and sweeping bamboo and coin motif, along with the emblem of the Macau Numismatic Society. “1905-2014 110 Years of Macau Numismatics” and “Shanghai Mint Co. Ltd” are struck in Chinese characters around the reverse face, with “China Macau SAR” in English.

2014 Macau Gold MedalGold Medal

The obverse face features two Grand Prix racing cars and the facade of the ruined St. Paul’s Cathedral – an iconic image of Macau. The Grand Prix cars, designed to appear as though they are racing out of the medal face towards the viewer, are highly symbolic. Struck on the nose of the lead car is a horse – a nod to 2014, the Year of the Horse; while the second car displays the auspicious number 88, which is also fortuitously representative of the year the Macau Numismatic Society was established, 1988. Inscribed around the top edge of the medal in English is: “2014 Macau Numismatic Society Annual Expo 11/27-30”. A similar Chinese inscription appears in the top right corner of the medal.

2014 Macau Silver MedalSilver Medal

Commemorative copper and brass medals have also been struck in honour of the 26th Anniversary of the Macau Numismatic Society. These pieces, limited to a symbolic mintage of just 26 each, and featuring the same designs as their gold and silver counterparts, will be gifted to a lucky handful of people, including those who cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony, as well as to the designer of the medals, Mr Yu Min, in recognition of his overwhelming contribution to the project.