Little Gem from the Past: 1982 1/2 oz Gold Panda

The coin that we’ll be looking at this week is one of the old gold Pandas, and coming from the very beginning of the series it’s not only a great piece of history, but also has a certain air of intrigue about it. We are talking about the 1982 ½ oz Gold Panda, which is one of four Panda coins released that year. This was the very first year for Panda coins, and all of them were gold with weights of 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, and 1/10 oz.

1982-half-oz-gold-panda-coin-rev 1982-half-oz-gold-panda-coin-obv

This ½ oz BU gold coin, although technically a medal since it bears no face value, measures 27 mm in diameter, contains 99.9% pure gold, and has a mintage of 13391. The reverse face shows a Panda image with an inscription of the coin’s specifications, and the obverse features the Temple of Heaven, the inscription of the People’s Republic of China, and the year of issue, 1982.

Poor handling, inferior quality dies, and planchet preparation has meant that these coins are especially difficult to find in good condition, and Panda coins from 1982 which grade well will fetch deservedly high premiums. These smaller gold Pandas were used, and – in the view of many numismatists – abused, as at the time of issue they were affordable enough and small enough to make into jewellery. This has resulted in a low survival mintage figure for this coin type, and getting your hands on a high grade piece is no easy task – both in terms of searching and paying for it!

If you are looking to add one of these coins to your collection then you’re in luck. Currently there are two highly graded 1982 ½ oz Gold Panda coins available for purchase in the coin store with free shipping. This is a great opportunity to own a true piece of history from the very first year of the Panda series, and given the superior condition of these coins and their rarity, it is an opportunity not to be passed on.