Late August Review: values increase by almost 80% in just a couple of days

Recently one or two specific precious metal commemorative coins have seen short term rapid gains in value, some as much as doubling in just a week or so. Even certain silver Panda coins have experienced a surge in price of over 30%. Since the start of August, the sudden appearance of several outstanding performers in the market seems to have lit a fire under collectors in China, who are now eager to give something a try!


Take the Lunar series as a great example. Over just two days in August, the market value of the 2014 1 oz fan-shaped silver Horse coin rose from 700 yuan to a staggering 1250 yuan. Several weeks later we are now in September, and prices have continued to rise. Similarly, while on the 26th August the 2011 1 oz coloured silver Rabbit coin had an approximate value of just over 600 yuan, by the end of last weekend the price had leapt, doubling to more than 1200 yuan.


Just imagine the feeling of a collector who just a few months ago might have bought the 2014 5 oz coloured silver Horse coin for its then market value of 3800 yuan, whose investment as of this week is now worth an epic 8300 yuan!


Apart from the Lunar series, 1 oz silver Pandas have shown similar surges in market value. As we have already highlighted in previous articles, the 2014 1 oz silver Panda has given a surprisingly strong performance in the market over this last week or so. The week before last, values were at 155 yuan, but last week saw prices smashing the 200 yuan ceiling to around 210 yuan, representing a rise of 35%.

While predictions are notoriously hard to make, particularly in the short term, these are all signs that the coins market may be starting to warm up again following a bit of a wash out summer. Now might be just the perfect time to get a head start and get involved before everyone else does!