Investing in Chinese Collectibles

holding-panda-coin 1Investing in physical objects is a long-honored tradition among those buying for the future. Here we will take a quick look at the Chinese market as it has a proven record of being a liquid market for hard assets and one that has seen considerable price appreciation as a result of strong demand. Due to the growth of the economy it is a reasonable assumption that this will continue. Prospective investors can find a wealth of investment opportunities in the China marketplace including fine art, stamps, jade, porcelain, antiquities as well as precious metal collectible Chinese coins and older Chinese coins too.

Increasing attention and coverage is being paid to Panda coins – the official bullion coin of China first released in 1982. The change of the depiction and scene of the panda bear annually as well as low mintage years has given rise to an active and vibrant market with collectors and investors alike seeking to save and enjoy their wealth in the form of these artistically beautiful and unique coins. They are both relatively rare as well as significant to Chinese culture and are portable, discreet and instantly liquid all over the world.

Stamps and other antiquities are also popular investments, the former sharing somewhat similar characteristics to the coin market where market values are usually consistent and liquidity inevitable. As with coins, stamp collectors are more than ready to sell a stamp for a profit, but in order to make an investment that will pay out over time successfully, investors must have background knowledge of the stamp’s place in history. Any aspect of the stamp as it relates to Chinese culture is also one of the qualities that determines its value. All this points to the need for knowledge. As to where to go for such knowledge, some resources are obvious, for example, the Chinese Stamp Society.
Because of the size of the Chinese market regarding assets in general, and speculation in particular, great care must be taken when seeking investments. Knowledge is power, rarity and condition are the two pillars that determine value and help distinguish coins and collectibles in general from one another. Here at we believe in providing value and transparency to our clients as we establish long-term relationships, even multi-generational, navigating our clients through all market cycles.