Feature Coin: 2000 1 Kilo Silver Panda

Zhao Online’s third round of October auctions featuring modern Chinese precious metal coins is currently underway, taking place from the 13th to the 16th October.

2000-kilo-silver-panda-coin-rev 2000-kilo-silver-panda-coin-obv

The main recommendation from the auctioneer for this round is the 2000 1 kilo silver Panda proof coin: a rarity with a rather appropriate (given the year) official mintage of just 2000 pieces. This lot comes with its box, certificate of authentication, and has been graded at NGC PF69.

The 2000 1 kilo silver Panda has a face value of 300 yuan, a diameter of 100 mm, and on the reverse face features an image of the iconic panda bear sat on bamboo leaves playing with a bamboo shoot. This coin would make a great addition to a collection: it not only has a high numismatic value due to its scarcity and excellent condition, but is a very attractive piece to look at too!

The Panda is China’s flagship coin series. Silver Pandas are a popular and well-known coin type around the world, and along with the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Koala, UK Britannia, and Mexican Liberty coins are one of the six major silver coin investment choices internationally.

At the time of writing the latest bid on this impressive piece stood at 16600 yuan, the result of a fierce competition largely dominated by a bidder based in Shanghai and one from Guangdong. However, with over a day left to go on this lot there is plenty of room for further bids, and as is often seen in online auctions, there is a tendency for many buyers to dive in at the last second with winning bids. Given its rarity, it is likely that this coin will attain a final price well in excess of double its current bid.

If you’re not in a position to get involved in this auction – don’t worry. The coin store currently has the 2000 1 kilo silver Panda in stock, but hurry – there’s only one left.