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We are the nations leading purchaser of modern Chinese coins and on an annualized basis, spend several million dollars in acquiring coins for our store and clients. If you are a coin dealer or jeweler, you have probably heard of us already. We pride ourselves in expediting payment and processing to ensure a near seamless experience: from the moment FedEx come to pick up your package to the time that the check arrives on your doorstep (or bank wire clears your account).

Our valued clients who turn to us for the best prices and service come to meet us from all over the country. We are also pleased to travel to purchased large coin collections (exceeding fifty-thousand dollars).

Be sure to maximize the full value of your coin(s) with us. With the lowest spreads in the industry, you can be sure that transacting with the end buyer for Chinese coins makes more sense than a middle-man (who will probably just end up selling to us anyway).

We recall one story of a lady who called us looking to help friends with health concerns. Her friends owned a great coin they wanted to liquidate, a 1995 bimetal gold panda composed of five ounces of gold plus two ounces of silver. At the time, the market value was $45,000 so we offered $40,000 in addition to the shipping and full insurance costs which we cover every time. So blown away was she with this offer that we later found it she believed it was too good to be true. She encouraged her friends to sell locally. By chance, the jeweler who acquired it called us afterward. It had the same certificate of authenticity so we could verify it was the exact same coin, he shared that they had sold it to him for $8,000.

With our pulse on the Chinese coin market through our presence in China, find out the difference in dealing with the leading buyer and seller of Chinese coins in the United States.

Contact one of our coin brokers today: 1-800 IS COINS