Coin of the Week: 2009 1 oz Silver Ox Coloured Coin

2009-1oz-silver-ox-color-coin-revFollowing the discussion in an earlier article of two coins which have done surprisingly well in a gloomy precious metals market, this week’s coin of the week focuses on one such piece: the 2009 1 oz silver Year of the Ox coloured coin.

The 2009 silver Ox coloured coin is a proof quality coin with a fineness of 99.9%. It has a mintage of 100000 pieces. The obverse face shows the date, 2009, as well as the emblem and inscription of the PRC surrounded by an intricate fish and flower motif. The reverse face wonderfully displays a richly coloured ox design set against a simple floral background. The red, black, yellow, and green coloured ox makes a bold appearance on the face of this coin, which also bears the face value, 10 yuan.

From the start of this year, prices for this coin have jumped by at least 30%, initially valued around 5000 yuan, but in less than half a year reaching 6500 yuan. It is likely that these coins, which are becoming increasingly hard to come by in good condition, may well be valued even higher, and their potential as a future investment should not be underestimated.

It seems that the value of the 2009 silver Ox coloured coin is closely related to not only its appeal as an attractive piece of art, but mainly its low comparative mintage when looked at alongside other Lunar series issued in subsequent years. For instance, the 2011 and 2012 silver lunar coloured coins both had mintages of 220000, compared to 100000 for the Year of the Ox.