Coin of the Week: 1998 ½ oz Gold Guilin Scenery Rectangle

Coin of the Week: 1998 ½ oz Gold Guilin Scenery Rectangle

Available in the coin store at this time is a complete four-piece set of highly attractive 1998 ½ oz Gold Guilin Scenery Rectangle coins. This set is quite rare, with a planned mintage of just 1600 pieces for each coin. Each of these beautiful proof quality rectangular coins has a face value of 50 yuan, a fineness of 99.9%, and measures 19 mm x 29 mm.

The obverse faces display some of the most striking scenery that can be seen around the city of Guilin in Guangxi province, southern China. Sites featured are Elephant Trunk Hill, Solitary Beautiful Peak, Flower Bridge, and Nanxi Mountain. The area around Guilin plays host to some of the most impressive and stunning karst landscapes in the world, and is very popular among tourists – both international and Chinese alike.

Karst topography occurs when carbonate rock types like limestone, gypsum, and dolomite are subjected to a gradual process of erosion by acidic water. The results are often some of the most distinct formations of peaks, underground caves, and sink-holes – as exemplified by those found in the Guilin area.

One particularly appealing feature of this set is that when the four pieces are put side by side, the images rendered on the reverse faces form a continuous semi-panoramic picture of Guilin’s scenery. From an aesthetic point of view, this quirky characteristic makes the purchase of all four an absolute must.


Aside from its aesthetic and artistic value, this set should interest the more economically minded of investors and collectors. It has a history of performing well during even the toughest times. Despite the significant price falls seen in the gold market during 2013, this coin set was nonetheless able to hold and even increase its value during that period. From the beginning of 2013 to July 2013, this coin set saw a gain in value of an impressive 10%, reaching 189800 yuan, and falling just short of its highest ever value of 198500 yuan. This was no mean feat in such a poorly performing market! The value of the 1998 ½ oz Gold Guilin Scenery Rectangle coin set lies primarily in its low mintage figures and striking design. Given the currently uninspiring state of the gold market, clearly the strength displayed by this set in the past makes it a particularly attractive investment option at this time.