Bulletin: Release of 2015 New Year Greetings Silver Coin

The People’s Bank of China wishes us all a Happy New Year in 2015 with their latest offering to the marketplace! Chinese New Year in 2015 – according to the Lunar Calendar – falls on the 19th February, and so for those not so familiar with Chinese culture this celebration should not be confused with the Gregorian New Year; although the timing of this coin’s issue might be the main cause of confusion…

The 26th December 2014 has been set as the issue date for the 2015 New Year Greetings silver commemorative coin – a coin designated as legal tender of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The obverse face bears the inscription and national emblem of the PRC, along with the year, 2015.

2015 New Year silver coin

The reverse shows a highly symbolic design featuring the Chinese character fú (fortune or luck), surrounded by a winter jasmine floral motif, taking the shape of the wings of a bat. To either side appears a traditional doorway into a Chinese home and two swallows (a symbol of springtime, good fortune, and happiness) in flight. At the time of the festival, Chinese houses are extensively decorated, particularly with paper cuttings, and with special attention paid to the entranceway of the home. The face value, 3 yuan, is inscribed at the bottom of the coin face.

2015 New Year silver coin reverse

This ¼ oz silver round-shaped coin (7.776 g) contains 7.776g pure silver, and has a fineness of 99.9%. It is a bullion coin, with a maximum mintage of 60,000,000 pieces and a diameter of 25 mm. These coins are to be struck in Shenzhen, and distributed by the CCGC.