Bronze Age Implements 3rd Series: The Quarterly Review

It’s now been a few months since the People’s Bank issued the Bronze Age Implements 3rd Series, and with many collectors now in a position where they have managed to get their hands on the coins themselves, they must now be wondering whether they have made a wise choice for the future. Collectors will no doubt be trying to assess the future investment potential for the series based on how it has performed in the market in these early stages. Reduced mintage figures, special striking techniques, and an attractive theme have all made this series a rather intriguing prospect for the future.

bronze age implements series 3

With their reduced mintage figures in comparison to the 1st and 2nd Series, the coins of the 3rd Series started in a relatively strong position, showing a steady performance in the period immediately after they hit the market. The number of deals reached during these early days also set an optimistic precedent.

Every coin specification from across the 3rd Series had undergone a mintage reduction of 25%-50% compared to the previous two series. Although the value of a certain coin is determined by a multitude of factors, collectors still widely consider mintage figures to be one, if not the main indicator of a coin’s future potential. The reduced mintage figures for the 3rd Series also seemed to have stoked sales and demand for the previous two series. Many collectors had reportedly made their first forays into the Bronze Age Implements Series as a whole by acquiring a certain coin specification from the 3rd Series, then subsequently back-filling to complete their collections with the corresponding coins from the 1st and 2nd Series.

Market attention revolved largely around the 黑币 – or “black coins” – struck using pseudo-traditional techniques to create a tarnished appearance on the silver, resulting in two really quite special and attractive coins. The popularity of these two coin types clearly gives them a greater potential than others in the series. Collectors will no doubt recall that the same effect was created on the 5 oz silver coin of the 2nd Series, and one year on from its release its market performance was significantly better than those of the other coins in the 2nd Series. With this in mind, it is likely that the two “black coins” of the 3rd Series will show similar strength in the future.

Moreover, the series as a whole might be expected to have a good degree of longevity. With many bronze age implements still remaining to be rendered on to coin faces, there is broad scope for new and creative designs for series to come. The classical subject matter itself is also popular in China, embodying the mysterious and impressive aspects of ancient Chinese history and culture, further adding to the investment potential for the whole series.

With the above factors in mind, as the 3rd Series has enjoyed a stable and steady performance – although nothing spectacular – during the first few months following its release, it should be expected that the series will do equally well, if not better, in years to come.