A Bigger, Brighter 2014?

Compared with 2013, prices for gold and silver coins have enjoyed somewhat of a resurgence so far in 2014.  This has attracted many new investors to the market who are looking to make collectable coins part of their investment portfolio.

Interest in the market so far this year has outstripped 2013 for several reasons.  Recently, international gold prices have risen out of the rut that they have been stuck in over the past two years or so.  The China Gold Coin Incorporation has also given the collectable coins market the same level of protection afforded to secondary markets (markets in which issued securities, bonds, stocks, and commercial housing are sold).  Moreover, among both international and Chinese collectors alike, enthusiasm has been piqued for gold Panda coins in general, as well as the older rarities dating from the 80s and 90s (both gold and silver).

This can only be good news for established collectors, as new investors and enthusiasts mean increased attention and interest, which drives demand in the marketplace.  The more favourable long-term gold market makes investment in bullion coins, such as the BU Pandas, more attractive.  On the other hand, for numismatists, the rising interest in the older rarities from the 80s and 90s is likely to translate to stronger prices as demand surges in a market of limited supply.