2000 1/10 oz Gold Kuan Yin Hologram Proof Coin & Market Update

On Monday 22nd December the Asian markets for gold commodities opened at 1195 USD/oz. Last week has seen some fairly significant international events: the US Federal Reserve swinging in favour of the Hawks, as well as the economic upheaval in Russia. All this has contributed to significant undulations and a somewhat volatile gold price within the 1180-1220 USD/oz interval. Although it would be expected that the volatility of the market would reduce somewhat in the run-up to Christmas, a string of mixed economic data from the US at the start of this week has sent unanticipated waves through the marketplace.

Currently up for auction online (see below for links) and for sale in the coin store is the 2000 1/10 oz hologram Guanyin proof gold coin. A mintage of 33,000 and the hologram design makes this ethereal coin a rather attractive choice.

2000-tenth-oz-gold-kuan-yin-hologram-coin-rev 2000-tenth-oz-gold-kuan-yin-hologram-coin-obv

Two pieces are open for bidding online, with just over 24 hours to go and closing on Christmas Eve. The latest bids stand at 3050 RMB ($490 USD) and 300 RMB ($48 USD). The higher of the two is in perfect condition, graded NGC PF70 UC, while the lower is attracting much less attention due to its ungraded and slightly worse condition. There are red spots at the 9 o’clock position on the obverse face, with a slight scratch in the centre.

The good news is that the coin store is offering this same proof quality coin for a highly competitive $438 USD. This stunning piece would make a fine last minute gift in the run-up to Christmas, and with free shipping included in our price, your satisfaction and that of the recipient of this thoughtful gift is guaranteed.