1982 1/2 oz Gold Panda & Market Update (24th September 2014)

On the 24th September, at the opening of the Asian markets the gold price was undulating around 1222 USD/oz, having picked up a little yesterday reaching 1235 USD/oz. Sadly this rise was short-lived. Economically influential events from around the world include the results of Germany’s September IFO business climate index – which has continued to fall, indicating low expectations for the next six months. Attention will also be focussed around the Reserve Bank of Australia’s financial stability review. Expectations for the demand for gold need to improve across India and China if the gold price is to be propped up in the short-term.

Returning briefly to the past, one of our earlier articles last week featured the highly sought after and exquisite piece of history that is the 1982 ½ oz gold Panda coin (or medal, depending on how you look at it). When you come across a coin of this level of rarity that occupies quite a niche area of the market, it can be quite hard to determine what is a good price as there are so few comparisons to make.

In this case, two 1982 ½ oz gold Pandas have recently appeared in the Zhao Online auction house, one grading well at NGC MS69. The other has a grade of NGC MS68 (close, but no cigar!). Saying ‘auction’ might be a little misleading as they are both fixed prices of 21000 yuan ($3420), and 16800 yuan ($2736) respectively. These two pieces highlight not only the high premiums that top-grade coins of this variety command, but also just how competitive our coin store is. See the coin store for our NGC MS69 1982 ½ oz gold Panda, priced at $3295, making a potential saving of $125.  Don’t be put off by the market gold price: the numismatic value of this coin is immense and would make a solid defensive investment for the future.