12 oz Silver Chinese Coins

12 oz Silver Chinese Silver Coins

12 oz Silver Chinese Coins were produced for the panda series, lunar series as well as others such as the unicorns and other special commemorative issues. Last time we counted, there are 31 such coins and medals. In fact, 3 of the 31 are medals including the 1986 12 oz Silver Panda Hong Kong Coin Expo Proof Medal and 1997 12 oz Silver Panda Munich Fair Proof Medal. Interestingly, the 1986 panda was the first such endeavor on the part of the China Mint to produce a piece to these specifications. This is telling in the ways in which our preferred third party grading service, NGC, has graded these coins over the years. Only 6 out of 111 that have passed through them have attained the highly coveted grade of 69. This highlights manufacturing issues at an early time in the production of modern Chinese coins and can be seen on other coins such as the 1984 12 oz Gold Panda Proof Coin, for example. The most ‘valuable’ and scarce of the regular 12 oz silver Chinese coins is the 1995 12 oz Silver Zheng Cheng Gong Proof Coin. This rare coin doesn’t show much but when it does, it has been known to fetch $20,000 and more in some cases. We consider there to be two ‘sets’ in this category as well. The 12 oz Silver Panda Collection made up only of the coins from years 1988-1996 and the 1988-1999 12 Coin 12 oz Silver Lunar Collection. Both are quite hard to make due to the scarcity of some of the coins they contain, in particular the lunar set where 8 of the 12 coins have an official mintage of 500 pieces each. We speculate that there are probably only 50 or so complete sets in the world.

These magnificent silver relics to a bygone era of modern Chinese coins have been thrown back into the spotlight with the first 12 oz piece produced since 1999 with the 2016 12 oz Silver Panda ANA Expo Proof Medal. If you collect or even just like silver coins, these are a superb choice for their huge depictions of their respective subjects packed with details and charm. We hope you enjoy viewing these coins and whilst we don’t ever have them all available at a given time, you can always check back at our store to see what we do!